Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Best of ...

(From June 8, 2006)

Pest Control

We have bugs and Kristy has had enough.

The crumbs and morsels left lying around are too attractive for these vermin, and there is way too much of it for us to control them ourselves. This time of year, too, with the warm weather, it's made worse because they seem to multiply exponentially and criss-cross the kitchen two and three at a time.

So she called a pest control company to come out this weekend and rid us of the pests. But I told her, "Kristy, they're not pests, they're our children." We named them and fed them and clothed them and we've watched them grow, but now all the scampering when the lights come on and eating whatever food has been lying around is all too much for her.

I hope the pest control guy brings big traps so it's all humane and they can eventually be released back into the wild. And I hope there is pizza in whatever wild they're released in, because that's really the only food all of them enjoy.

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